Complete Activity Based Math Program focussed on helping children understand concepts for classes 2 to 8

Zepto Math Vadodara - Hands-on activities

Hands-on activities

Students explore and experience Math using hands-on activities which have been designed to make them think

Zepto Math Vadodara - Technology Integration

Technology Integration

At Zepto, we leverage technology tools such as Math Buddy to help students visualize and understand concepts, and also have fun!

Zepto Math Vadodara - Lots of practice

Lots of practice

Math is about understanding concepts and getting lots of practice solving questions. Zepto students get to solve about 8 worksheets every week on an average

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Zepto Math Vadodara - Number concepts with place value blocks

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Zepto Math Vadodara - Solving linear equations with Algebra tiles

Zepto Math Vadodara - Word Problems

Word Problems

Most students struggle with word problems. At Zepto, we have developed innovative techniques to help students model and solve word problems

Zepto Math Vadodara - Mental Math

Mental Math

Speed of calculations does matter especially under time pressure. At Zepto, we focus on numerical drills to help students achieve mastery and speed over basic operations

Zepto Math Vadodara - Puzzles and Games

Puzzles and Games

Students love to solve puzzles such as Pentominoes, Tangrams, Sudoku, Ken Ken etc. every class. Best part is that these help develop their logical thinking skills

Zepto Math Vadodara - Comprehensive curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum

Hands-on and virtual activities, printed and interactive worksheets, mental math practice, logical puzzles, olympiad preparation and much more..

Zepto Math Vadodara - Olympiad Preparation

Olympiad Prep

The focus of Olympiads is to test the understanding of the concepts and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills), which are the prime focus areas of Zepto Math.

Zepto Math Vadodara - Detailed weekly reports

Weekly reports

Reports of the work done during the week including the performance of the student in the worksheets are sent via email to parents

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